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16X16X1 Merv8 Prime V-20 Pleat 12/CA


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Our goal is to provide the best air filters for every home. While pure air is always our goal, we know that some HVAC units are unable to use higher MERV rating filters. So, we also offer MERV 8 filters. Our 16x16x1 MERV 8 filters are the perfect filters for homes that have older HVAC units. Even though MERV 8 filters are not as efficient as higher MERV rating filters, they are still great filters. The initial efficiency of our MERV 8 filters is 74.3% for particles 7.0 10.0 microns in size. Remember though, that is just the initial efficiency after a few complete air changes, the MERV 8 filters efficiency raises greatly.

In areas where a lot of larger airborne particles are present, our MERV 8 filters work ideally. Compared to cheap, fiberglass filters, 16x16x1 MERV 8 filters are a considerably better choice for healthier air. These filters are also electrostatically charged, which means the filter acts as a magnet for the larger airborne particles.

Whether you are in the market for 16x16x1 MERV 8 filters or just looking for simple tools to aide you in purifying the air in your home, Water Filters FAST wants to be the solution for all your clean air needs. We offer a wide variety of different filter sizes!


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