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50ft 6/3-8/1 STW TEMPORARY POWER CORD 6/3-8/1 STW


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Our heavy duty 6/3-8/1 Temporary Power Extension Cords are molded with our exclusive “CGM” Continuous Ground Monitoring ends. These CGM ends have lighted amber power check male plugs with green ground check female connectors. These cords are used with “spider boxes” or “power sleds” to provide power from temporary power poles or jobsite generators. These boxes have multiple outlets of 15A, 20A, and 30A, providing power for portable power tools and lighting equipment.


• 6/3 – 8/1 STW (600V) Heavy Duty Outdoor Water Resistant Cable

• Tough, STW (600V) heavy duty abrasion resistant jacket guarantees extra hard service use

• Coldweather -40°F vinyl jacketing ensures full flexibility in temperatures well below freezing

• All 50A-125/250V (CS6364 & CS6365) Plugs & Connectors are molded on and will not pull away from the cord body

• Lighted amber neon Power Check plug monitors incoming power

• Patented CGM™ connector features a green neon Ground Check light that indicates ground continuity

• Jacket Color: Black

• Lengths: 50ft, & 100ft

• UL Listed molded Plug & Connector


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