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Axial Air Mover Stand


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Maximize the drying impact of your Phoenix Focus Axial Air Mover with this terrific add-on stand. It gives you the immediate advantage of 360-degree drying, ensuring you can easily dry carpet, stairs, walls, and more.

This stand is very durable and solidly designed, plus it weighs just 10 lbs, so it's easy to carry from job to job.

When not in use, the Phoenix Axial Air Mover Stand folds flat to save space on your van or in your storage area.

Works with the following air movers:

  • Phoenix Focus Axial Air Mover
  • Viking VP 3000 Axial Air Mover
  • Viking AX 3000 Axial Air Mover
  • Focal Point Axial Air Mover
  • Cyclone Axial Air Movers


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