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Flex Duct/ 20″ x 25′ with Heavy Duty Wearstrip/ 4″ Pitch


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Colors available white, yellow, red, blue, green The most economical heavy duty Flex Ducting for use with Desiccant Dehumidifiers in the restoration industry!

A strong, durable, lightweight Heat-Sealed ducting product, Thermohose is both portable, flexible, compressible and retractable down to 1/6th of its fully extended length depending on the pitch and fabric selected. The encased steel-wire helix construction prevents collapsing and crushing of the duct, while remaining resistant to abrasion, fatigue and deterioration from weather and chemical influences. All of the VentaTex fabrics are flame resistant in accordance with the UL94VTM-O Testing Methods.


  • For use in Temporary/Permanent Installations
  • Utility Blower Hose
  • Ventilation / Fumigating
  • Dehumidification
  • Heating, Drying & Cooling
  • Dust & Fume Collection


  • Part Number: Thermohose 1399
  • Color Yellow (Other colors Black, Red, Green, Blue, and White are available upon request.)
  • Length: 25 Feet and 50 Feet (7-6 m – 15.2 m) (Custom lengths available upon request.)
  • Diameters: 2″ to 30″ (51 mm – 762 mm)
  • Temperature Range: -20 F to 200 F (-29 C to 88 C)
  • Pitch and Diameter 2″ – 3″ dia. 1″ (2.5 cm) pitch 4″ – 7″ dia. 2″ (5 cm) 8″ and Larger dia. 4″ (10cm)

    Wider or narrower pitch options are available depending on the pressure requirements. End Finish: Standard plain. Options: Available with optional Heavy Duty or Light Duty flame-resistant wearstrip.

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