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GE Protimeter Surveymaster


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The GE Protimeter Surveymaster is used for moisture measurement in buildings. Excessive moisture in buildings will lead to decay and deterioration of components and decorative finishes. Professionals involved with the identification, management and remedy of dampness need tools that help them to:



  • Identify the extent of the moisture penetration
  • Diagnose the cause of the problem
  • Monitor change in the moisture level GE Protimeter moisture meters and hygrometers satisfy these requirements comprehensively. The GE Protimeter Surveymaster is the industry standard moisture meter for surveying and investigating moisture in buildings.


    Two Operational Modes

    This unique moisture meter has two modes of operation_search and measure. Search and measure help the user to distinguish sub-surface from surface moisture, essential information when trying to establish the extent and cause of a dampness problem.


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