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GE Protimeter Technicians Kit


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When surveying buildings for moisture problems, or evaluating damage due to fire or flood, having the right tools close to hand and easily accessible allows you to quickly complete a professional diagnosis. Protimeter kits provide a convenient, durable solution for carrying your moisture measurement needs. The Protimeter Restoration Kit and Technician's Kit include the latest Protimeter instruments, as well as the heavy duty hamper probe.





  • Long-lasting durable case
  • Separate compartment for all items, reducing the risk of lost parts
  • Lower cost than purchasing the parts separately
  • Provides a dust-free, protected environment
  • Easy access to all accessories
  • Professional appearance



    The Technician's Kit includes:


  • Protimeter Surveymaster instrument
  • Protimeter Psyclone hygrometer
  • Heavy-duty Hammer Probe
  • 4 spare hammer pins
  • 5" insulated Deep Wall Probes
  • Heavy duty pin moisture probe
  • Calibration check device


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