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Injectidry HP60i Ceiling & Wall Package


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The Ultimate Drying System

Injectidry's High Pressure drying systems are specifically developed to target high risk areas of hidden moisture such as: walls and ceilings, even those coated with watertight finishes like PVA paint and vinyl wallpaper coverings, double-sheeted fire walls, party walls, sound barriers, insulation, walls behind cabinets and fixtures and floors. CLICK HERE for more information on our Vac-It Panels (hardwood drying accessory for use with the HP60). The Injectidry HP drying system is the only truly "industrial grade" system sold today. The internal blower is a Regenerative Blower and many operate 20,000 hours or more trouble free. This translates into more than 10 years of continuous operation. It is not a fan that is typically associated with a portable carpet cleaning machine or shop-vac.


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