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Mytee Flood Hog 7000DX Flood Extractor/ Per day


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Mytee really delivers with the Flood Hog 7000DX industrial flood extractor. It is equipped with two 3-stage vacuum motors, 12 gallon recovery tank, and dual 25′ recovery/dump hoses. When removing standing water from any area, the Flood Hog is a beast, pumping out water a max rate of 70 gallons per minute! Those dual vacuum motors create the largest amount of a suction (144″ of lift) and air movement (230 CFM) in our entire line of flood extractors. Each vacuum motor runs off a single power cord, so when running at maximum power, you’ll have two 25′ power cords that need to be plugged into two separate outlets. If you can’t reach two outlets that are on separate circuits, you can run just a single vac motor, which will only move half of the air volume, which would be 115 CFM.

With this industrial flood extractor, you can recover water, debris, and solids. Basically anything and everything that could be floating around in a flooded basement, pool, or natural disaster area. The Flood Hog comes with a stainless steel mesh filter, called the Lint Hog. It is mounted on top of the roto-molded polyethylene body, making it extremely easy to clean and dump out. Everything immediately passes through this filter as it enters the machine. The Lint Hog filter extends the life of the Flood Hog by capturing the larger material, so it doesn’t continue through the vacuum or pump out motors.

The suction and air movement on this model are astounding! The reason being is because of the dual vacuum motors located inside the lower tank. The only other flood model that we have is our wet/dry vacuum with pump, which offers 87″ of lift, and 200 CFM.


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