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Nilfisk GD10 Backvacuum


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The GD10 Back Vacuum was designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. For its small size, the vacuum is incredibly powerful and equipped with a variety of features for fast, effective cleaning in a multitude of industries.

The Nilfisk GD10 Back Vacuum is equipped with a standard sack-style main filter that helps prolong the life of both the HEPA filter and the heavy-duty motor. The units included dust bag can be emptied and sealed quickly to prevent any dust particles from escaping. To increase comfort and productivity, the vacuum system's exhaust air is blown upward, away from the operator. This canister-style back vacuum also features a lower noise output than similar back vacuum cleaners. This systems sound output measures at 62 dB, a level that is equivalent to the sound of a lawn mower heard from about 33 feet away.

Overall, the GD10 Back Vacuum has more than twice the particle capacity, features a more ergonomic design, and performs better than Nilfisks first-generation Back Vacuum 01796934 model. This industrial-strength vacuum cleaner with multi-stage HEPA filtration can boost your cleaning productivity by up to 30% when compared to traditional upright vacuums.

Included Accessories


  • Combination floor nozzle
  • dust brush
  • crevice cone
  • and telescopic wand


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