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OminAire Vulcan RT Electric Heater


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The Vulcan RT heater electric heating system is the most compact and powerful structural drying machine available. Vulcan is loaded with 37,000 BTUs of heat power, precise temperature controls to use it safely and efficiently.


  • The Vulcan RT model can deliver 180⁰ F hot air with a temperature rise of 95⁰F at 350 CFM.
  • Vulcan RT can operate in 140⁰ F hot environment
  • Vulcan RT heaters generate 37,000 BTU output with 6 individually controlled heating elements
  • A single speed, high pressure blower provides airflow of 475 CFM.
  • Remote, programmable temperature controller with RTD probe can measure air or material temperature 23 ft. away for an efficient and safe heat control.
  • Highly portable with a compact, 30long, 11 wide, 18 high housing, 63 lb. weight, and 3 locking casters.
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