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OmniAire Vulcan Heat Drying System


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Vulcan heaters are built to perform in tough construction environments and are easy to maintain. Vulcan meets UL, CSA and OSHA safety standards.


  • Heater can deliver 180⁰F hot air with a temperature rise of 95⁰F at 350 CFM airflow.
  • It produces 37,000 BTU output with 6 individually controlled heating elements.
  • A high static pressure blower with adjustable airflow from 100 to 475 CFM.
  • Panel mounted programmable temperature controller.
  • Thermocouple probe with 25 ft. extension, can measure air or material temperature for efficient and safe heat control.
  • Highly portable with a compact, 30 long, 11 wide, 18 high housing, 63 lbs. weight and 3 locking casters.
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