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Phoenix 300 MAX LGR Dehumidifier


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The new 300 MAX is our highest performing, top of the line, XXL LGR dehumidifier. We have improved our patented bypass technology, so the 300 MAX takes out up to 30% more water in high temperature conditions than our 270HTx. When compared to the competition in its class, the 300 MAX takes out more water, 175 ppd@AHAM and has 395 CFM of airflow. It is lighter, 28 lb. lighter. It uses only 10 amps, 1.2 amps less electricity than the competition, and it produces an astonishing 6.3 pints per kWh. The new 300 MAX has outstanding grain depression as well, which really becomes evident on day 2 and 3 of the drying job.

175 ppd@AHAM 10.0 Amps 395 CFM 20”W x 40”H x 23”D 130 lbs


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