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Phoenix Guardian Hepa Air Scrubber


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2-Speed 1400/900 CFM. 99.97% Efficiency D.O.P. Multiple intake and discharge options. 3 stage filter standard. Built-in Manometer. Optional Carbon-Potassium filled 4th stage filter.
7.5-12 Amps. 115 Volt/60Hz. 121 lbs.phoenix

With their 3-stage clean filter operation, Phoenix Guardian HEPA System Air Scrubbers capture virtually all removable air particles and an optional fourth carbon stage filter will even absorb a wide range of odors and gases. With their multi-ducting options and high airflow, both the Guardian and Mini Guardian have the unique ability
to continually filter the indoor air and depressurize the damaged site, preventing the spread of contamination simultaneously. The Guardian has a built-in manometer for precise measurement of airflow through the HEPA filter. The Mini Guardian operates both horizontally and vertically. The Guardian R HEPA System is the most compact, portable True HEPA air filtration device made. Its energy-efficient rotomold design is durable, lightweight and stackable, making it the ultimate in both portability and performance.


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