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Predator 1200 Portable Air Scrubber


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Predator 1200 Portable Air Scrubber

The lightweight Abatement PRED1200 Portable Air Scrubber (PAS) delivers outstanding air scrubbing performance in an ultra-strong, rotational molded polyethylene cabinet. Weighing only 70 pounds with filters, the PRED1200 produces an eye-popping peak airflow rating of 900 cfm at 3.5 amps or less!

The PRED1200 PAS removes hazardous airborne particles from water restoration, construction and renovation zones in several filter stages:



  • First stage – 1” coarse particulate pre-filter
  • Second stage – 2” pleated particulate pre-filter
  • Optional third stage – VAPOR-LOCK® carbon filter specially designed to remove odors and vapors. Or, add a second 2” pleated particle pre-filter
  • Final stage – 99.97% high-efficiency HEPA filter

    The PRED1200 features a built-in, two-wheel dolly and durable handle for maximum portability. The GFCI-protected duplex receptacle allows multiple units to be daisy-chained on one 15-amp outlet.




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