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Deluxe Hair & Body Shampoo


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No Tear hair and Body Shampoo

This foaming no tear hair and body shampoo is made from a blend of specially selected ingredients that will not only clean, but will leave body skin soft and velvety to the touch. It contains no irritating impurities that will crack or dry skin, yet it cleans thoroughly. Instant solubility ensures fast sudsing and minimum waste. The continual high suds stability mean less product used for the same results. This product contains water softeners so no harsh residues are left behind to irritate the skin. Skin softening agents are also used to replace natural oils removed by other harsh detergents and soaps. Apply a small amount in palm of hand. Use with warm water and lather up, rinse then dry. This product leaves a fresh scent while removing dirt and grime.

Also used to remove lead from the skin to provide safer lead free work environments.


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